Sunday, March 14, 2010

Abigail's fourth birthday!

This birthday was much anticipated and much enjoyed! GramMee came on Abigail's birthday and took her out for lunch at Chick-Fil-A (Mommy was babysitting and so stayed home with the two littler girls). Can lunch get yummier than chocolate milk, french fries and chicken nuggets. . . oh, and chocolate milk?!?
GramMee also got her eldest granddaughter a fun pink ICE CREAM cake!
For the last year or so, Abigail has loved "dressing up," using anything she could find. Most of the time, she was a princess (surprise, surprise) or a bride (result of watching her grandparents' wedding video so many times!). So we decided to give her some "real" dress up clothes. Her wardrobe now includes a (generic) princess dress, a fireman's coat and hat (variety, please!), pink nurses scrubs and GramMee made a size four "wedding" dress. Daddy was the bride-doctor's first patient.
Ever seen a firefighter with ringlets?
Favorite picture of the evening. . . photography lessons with Uncle Caleb!
Hannah played peek-a-boo with Uncle Caleb. We love how she "covers" her eyes!
Babies at the party - love those cousins!
Abigail had long wanted her own umbrella and Aunt Lydia and Uncle Tom gave her a fun one! Think she looks pleased?

Happy birthday, our sweet, exuberant Abigail! How we thank God for blessing us with you four years ago! May you grow to love Him more and more!

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Sharon said...

delightful pictures of precious girls!