Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowed in - our lovely hotel abode in Philly

We did enjoy our little "forced vacation" at the Residence Inn. Lai and I took the girls for a swim in the indoor pool (after Abigail and I returned from play in the snow - what contrast!) Hannah and Abigail discovered this great hiding place in our suite - cute little prisoners, aren't they?
Finally, three clean tired girls in pajamas! Just wish we had Havilah's sister's Rose and Autumn (and daddy!) with us too!
Auntie Lai Lai and Hannah - see the snow drift against the window?
Our three little girls in front of the hotel Christmas tree. Who said anything about looking at the camera?
18 month old Havilah
Finally ready to brave the roads - though no flights yet, so we took Lai south with us to try another airport!

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