Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buying, selling, and moving (but not far)

Real time update: I'd love to fix the pictures that aren't showing up (thought it seemed so easy loading them through Picasa, but I must've done something wrong), but now's not the time. Last week we got an offer on our condo (for sale since August) which became a contract Saturday. We move out next month! So, we've been busily searching for our new home. The search had been somewhat discouraging until late yesterday afternoon when we found, saw, and put an offer on an older brick ranch on a nice yard (a place for children to play!) in a good location! Negotiating now. And lots of other stuff going on too - radon monitor placed and termite inspection here today (while babysitting =). Lots more to happen at both homes! We're excited to see what the Lord has for us and grateful to trust His sovereign care for His children!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Love those little people!

"But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Allow little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." (Luke 18:16)

In case anyone was concerned about Abigail suffering from withdrawal or loneliness after we took Laoise and Gavin home, relax. I immediately resumed child care and the next day Caeden and Tirzah were with us. Traded two five year olds for two one year olds.
Abigail is an amazing helper (when she wants to be, at least). She loves practicing her mommy skills on real babies.

Two babies up from naps playing with their babies

Life with four

Our few days with Laoise and Gavin ended all too quickly. We loved having them with us at church Sunday. Monday morning Mommy Julia managed grocery shopping with four (we'd been gone a week so it necessary) and that evening we all made an ice cream run. In between and Tuesday we were home (did I mention mountains of laundry?) and I found out that we own way too many toys. They were ALL out.
Cousins on Sunday
We all scream for ice cream!
Our house - Yikes!

Seven months old and busy!

That weekend (August 29) was the seven month marker for Hannah. Afraid it's a bit of a blur (hey, I'm not used to four kids yet!) so I'm glad for picture reminders.

Hannah loves her baths

That Sunday, Hannah pushed up on all fours for the first time. . .gonna crawl before long!

These chair pictures with the dolls are getting harder - she doesn't just sit and smile anymore!



Cousins and Carowinds

On the way home from Grandmother Lane's, we met Stephen and picked up Laoise and Gavin for a few days (Lane and Patrick had a turn last year). The next morning, we headed out for the next adventure. The airport hosted a "family fun day" at Carowinds, all expense paid - an opportunity not to miss! Why not make it more exciting and take along some extra children so we could have two five year olds, a three year old and a baby? Craziness. But we survived - and had fun (though Nathan didn't get to ride any coasters. . . we stuck with the little kid rides, bathroom breaks and free drinks).
Carowinds here we come!
Flying jets is serious business
Lemonade break
Our crew
Hot and happy
Don't forget cheery Baby!
Abigail's first driving lesson
One tired Hannah

Georgia family

After leaving Talitha's we drove across to Georgia and spent two nights with Mom and Dad visiting (Great) Grandmother Garner on the day between. The next day we drove south to see "Grandpap" Garner and Ann for the day and then back to East Alabama to spend the night with (Great) Grandmother Lane. Wonderful visits and food - all of Nathan's grandparents spoiled us with yummy meals! And spoiled our girls too, to their great pleasure. =)
At Granddaddy's upholstery shop
Little girls, little chair
Nose kisses with Grandmama
Fish hatchery
Fun with Granddaddy


Alabama family

Last chance before MBA classes resume (hmmm. . . I seem to remember doing this last year)! August 23-27 we visited Nathan's parents, grandparents, and sister and family in Georgia and Alabama. First stop, Talitha and Stephen's farm. Lane, Patrick, Laoise, Gavin, Abigail and Hannah loved being together (parents did too) and "Aunt Julia" took lots of pictures (so what's new?). We celebrated Patrick's 8th birthday a couple of days early. Six children are definitely enough to make a party! =)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Our girls sleep on occasion and I couldn't resist pictures of two recent unexpected occasions. Abigail has a "rest time" most afternoons during Hannah's nap time. Usually she reads books and plays quietly on the guest bed. One day I looked in and didn't see her. . . until I checked the narrow space between the bed and the wall. She was hiding and fell asleep (We'd been to the zoo and she was unusually tired).

And Hannah woke up "early" one evening fussing and so Nathan decided to hold her for awhile and she relaxed right back to sleep! So sweet.

Together again with our friends from California

Our dear friends Brian and Lai and Rose Marie (4), Autumn (2), and Havilah (1) spent time on this side of the country in August. On the 11th, the girls and I visited them at Bing and Andy's "farm home." So much fun to be together again. . . and to see the goats and chickens! =) And the Sunday evening the 16th, our friends visited us. The girls had a blast together - and so did their parents. How we thank the Lord for His gift of friendship (Over ten years with Brian and Lai and six since we were in each others weddings! And five sweet daughters too!)

Lots more pictures (including the goats!) on Picasa if you follow this link.

Great Grandma Johnson's visit and Caleb's birthday

Mom (aka GramMee) brought (Great) Grandma Johnson for a visit August 6-8 and we got to celebrate Caleb's birthday together! (Uncle) Caleb brought doughnuts to help celebrate the day and we all indulged. . . except Hannah who put forth a valiant effort.



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