Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She said it!

Two-year-olds say such amusing things. . . and Abigail's no exception. Here are some from the past few months that make us smile:

About 9:30 one chilly night in February, a little, but very distresssed voice calls from Abigail's room: "Black socks doesn't match, Mommy! Black socks doesn't match. Sniff. Sniff." (She was wearing pink fleece pajamas and I'd left her black socks from the day on.)

While dropping a trash bag off at the dumpster one morning:
Abigail: Sometimes Abigail's friends stinky. We frow them in the trash.
Mommy: You mean your friends sometimes have stinky diapers and we throw the diapers in the trash?
A: Uh huh. Sometimes Abigail's friends stinky. We frow them in the trash.
M: We throw the diapers in the trash. But we don't throw friends in the trash, do we?
A: No.
M: Why not? (recent discussions about how God made people special)
A: They too big!

During Nathan's busy semeseter of work and MBA classes:
Abigail says to Daddy as he leave for class after being home from work only 30 minutes: "Thank you [for] coming, Daddy."
(By the way, we're loving spending most evenings with him now!)

11:00 p.m. Mommy pushing Abigail's door farther open for better circulation during the night: A sits up in bed and says, "Pwease cwose da door, Mommy," and then conks back to sleep immediately.

Abigail loves to "mother" little children and babies and can't wait till she's a mommy. On the way home from church in late April: Abigail tells us: "Abigail keeping all the children at the nurs-ry till their moms come get them. Lady holding one boy -Abigail taking care other boys." (By the way, there are currently mostly boys in her nursery and Abigail is older than the majority of them. . . by 2-3 months. =)

As part of conversation about names with a friend:
Mommy to Abigail: "What is your name?"
A: "Abigail"
M: "What is your last name?"
A: "Kae is Abigail's middle name."
M: "That's right! And what's your last name?"
A: "Stinker Binker!" (A nickname Daddy used on Abigail primarily in her baby days)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Days in our lives (April 8-24)

Early in the month, Abigail and Julia undertook a long-awaited project - painting the master bedroom! We had fun and the room looks much better (and more colorful!). Abigail was thrilled to try her hand at painting, but found the roller a bit heavy. She and her friend Emmalein enjoyed several visits and pretended to nap together. . . they're both growing up so fast. Another night I found her bouncing on Daddy's shoulders when he was "tucking her in" for the night. And one morning, she'd moved too much in her sleep and was hanging off the end of her bed! We had a surprise visit from former neighbors and couldn't believe how much Stephon, Gretchen, Lindsey and Timaria had grown. One Sunday night while Mommy was getting supper, Abigail called to us, "I'm having a baby in my tummy" and we saw that she'd discovered a new trick with her ball - and was very proud of herself! One full morning, Mommy and Abigail took friend Ree and baby Desmirion shopping for setting up housekeeping. Later that day, Uncle Cablet, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Charlotte joined us for a local "siblings supper." =)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Riverbanks Zoo

April 4 Abigail and Julia drove to Columbia and met (Aunt) Lydia and (cousin) Gabriel at Riverbanks Zoo. We loved the time together and enjoyed watching all the animals - so many that we had to leave before finishing. Afterwards we had a picnic lunch and then got ice cream at Chick-Fil-A. Abigail was asleep just a couple of miles down the road! And she talked for days (weeks?) afterwards about the noisy monkeys and the hippo sleeping in his big puddle and the giraffe who got too close for comfort. Amazing creations of a creative God!