Friday, October 26, 2007

So much to learn - October 19

Granddad and Grandma Johnson and Mom (Mee) are here for a few days and soon after I put Abigail to bed last night, she started crying. I came up to check on her. It seems she was disturbed by all the commotion in her usually quite house. I talked with her about how she could listen to Great-grandma Johnson getting ready for bed and listen to the others (my brother Caleb too) talking downstairs while she fell asleep. She responded, "Listen - tummy. Listen -tummy." Huh?? She tried again, "Listen - ears? Listen -ears?" "That's right, Baby, we listen with our ears." Have you considered how much a child has to learn? =)

(Pictures later: first I have to find Abigail's hiding place for the card reader for our camera/computer.)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


"Jumping" is Abigail's newest skill. Her practice and performance sessions are quite comical. She crouches, she springs, and. . . you can view the rest. Just for your peace of mind: she was not injured (no tears) in the second clip.

I like it

Abigail spoke her first complete sentence last week. On this silent video clip she's saying "I like it." Afterwards she expounded on the topic: "I like it - bubbles." "I like it - ice-seem (ice cream)".