Friday, September 18, 2009

Six months old!

As of July 29! (Happy third anniversary to GramMee and Grandpa!)

At her six month check-up, Hannah weighed 14 pounds, 2 ounces and measured 24 ½ inches long. She’s tiny, but the doctor pronounced her strong and healthy. . . and commented on her enthusiasm and her evident love for her big sister. This month’s physical milestones include getting her toes into her mouth, cutting a third tooth, and sitting alone for few minutes at a time. Hannah finally decided she likes solid food since trying sweet potatoes and her tummy seems rounder (and, by the way, that umbilical hernia she had at birth, is nearly gone now). Our baby talks, sings, laughs (even while eating her peas at lunch today) and squeals lots . . . I think we’ll have another chatterbox. ☺
Love that grin! Hannah felt very big sitting in the rocking chair.
Hannah still LOVES to be on her feet! This was also her first time to wear blue jeans. (Thanks, Aunt Lydia!)We had a table full of little ones that evening (call it a six month birthday celebration!?). Since we're not experienced at keeping three children under one in addition to a two year old and a three year old, we opted for carry out pizza (along with all the baby food)! ☺
Watch out! Hannah can be rather fierce. She's got a mean growl for a fourteen pound baby! Of course, laughter (hers and ours) usually follows the growl and so she does it again.

Tennesee and Kentucky in July

Julia, Abigail and Hannah spent three days with GramMee and Grandpa and family towards the end of July. Though we've seen them several times, this was our first trip to their home in a year! Abigail LOVED playing dolls with her Aunt Karen (six years older) and Hannah enjoyed the extra attention (or rather, attention from more people). Highlights of the trip (at least in the eyes of our three year old!) were swimming at the neighborhood pool with Andrew and Karen, attending Wednesday night church and Kids for Truth, eating a hot dog and pizza lunch at Sam's Club, and getting Bruster's ice cream with the whole family.

We made a day trip to Kentucky to visit Julia's long-time friend Rachel and her two boys. Noah was born a few weeks after we last visited two years and Milo was born a few weeks before this visit. So much fun to get together with my girls and her boys!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raspberries for every occasion

For several weeks, Hannah entertained us this way.

Abigail's first ride in a race car!

The young man across the parking lot (three year old Nolan) took Abigail for a ride in his race one evening. She was quite impressed.

July 15 fun

Random candid successive photos of my silly girls sitting on the kitchen counter "helping" Mommy one morning (before we "fixed" hair =).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hannah five months old

Hmm. . . she reached this milestone June 29th! But it was an exciting month and we got some cute pictures. =)
Hannah's developmental highlights from that time:
- Loves to stand on her feet
- Learned to roll over
- Blows lots of raspberries
- Graduated to 3-6 mo clothes
- Found toes 6/23
- Cut first two teeth 6/22
- Pushes up on hands
- Can sit briefly
- Baldness finally reversing! Her hair is beginning to come back in (probably since we discovered that her "cradle cap" was eczema and got it under control!)

Months ago. . .

Almost two months since I've posted! Yikes, lots going on. But for now, I'll post the slide shows I made two months ago and then try for a quick overview update. =)

Towards the end of June we spent a few days visiting my family in Virginia. This was Hannah's first time to meet most of the family there! We stayed with Grandma Johnson and got to meet my cousin Jason and Melanie's newborn (11 days?) daughter Makenna while there. Abigail and Sherilan enjoyed getting reaquainted. Pictures of our four little girls were fun!

Later that day Uncle Tom and Aunt Janet (and Landry) had the whole family over for dinner!

That evening we visited Aunt Lucinda and Uncle Jan before putting some tired girls to bed! =) After church and naps the next day we visited Great Aunt Ruby and Great Uncle Dalton and then the beach (Hannah's first time!).

"Enroute" home, we visited Aunt Faye and Uncle Chuck and ate lunch by their pool. Afterwards, Abigail and Aunt Faye went swimming!