Friday, September 18, 2009

Tennesee and Kentucky in July

Julia, Abigail and Hannah spent three days with GramMee and Grandpa and family towards the end of July. Though we've seen them several times, this was our first trip to their home in a year! Abigail LOVED playing dolls with her Aunt Karen (six years older) and Hannah enjoyed the extra attention (or rather, attention from more people). Highlights of the trip (at least in the eyes of our three year old!) were swimming at the neighborhood pool with Andrew and Karen, attending Wednesday night church and Kids for Truth, eating a hot dog and pizza lunch at Sam's Club, and getting Bruster's ice cream with the whole family.

We made a day trip to Kentucky to visit Julia's long-time friend Rachel and her two boys. Noah was born a few weeks after we last visited two years and Milo was born a few weeks before this visit. So much fun to get together with my girls and her boys!

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