Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Months ago. . .

Almost two months since I've posted! Yikes, lots going on. But for now, I'll post the slide shows I made two months ago and then try for a quick overview update. =)

Towards the end of June we spent a few days visiting my family in Virginia. This was Hannah's first time to meet most of the family there! We stayed with Grandma Johnson and got to meet my cousin Jason and Melanie's newborn (11 days?) daughter Makenna while there. Abigail and Sherilan enjoyed getting reaquainted. Pictures of our four little girls were fun!

Later that day Uncle Tom and Aunt Janet (and Landry) had the whole family over for dinner!

That evening we visited Aunt Lucinda and Uncle Jan before putting some tired girls to bed! =) After church and naps the next day we visited Great Aunt Ruby and Great Uncle Dalton and then the beach (Hannah's first time!).

"Enroute" home, we visited Aunt Faye and Uncle Chuck and ate lunch by their pool. Afterwards, Abigail and Aunt Faye went swimming!

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