Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visiting Lydia and family

On the road again December 24th! On our way to Nathan's family in Georgia, we stopped by Tom and Lydia's for a quick Christmas Eve visit. Little girl cousins enjoyed playing together (ours didn't want to leave!).

Aunt Julia and Lydee
Tom's game with Bella
Hannah thought her cousins' zebra was amazing
Cozy Christmas Eve morning

New baby Andre

December 21 two dear friends had their babies: Bing's (Lai's sister) daughter Skylar was born and Ree's son Andre was born! On the 23rd, the girls and I got to visit Ree and Andre in the hospital - what a handsome little guy!
Abigail took this picture of Ree and me with our babies.

Finally south - at Grandma's (12/20-21)

God granted us safe travel down to Grandma's and we arrived in time for supper Sunday evening. So glad to see her, though our visit would be short due to snow delays.
Uncle Tom, Aunt Janet and Landry squeezed in a quick visit after their church service that night
Abigail loves her Great Uncle Tom like I always did - he hasn't changed!
Grandma welcomed Lai (no strangers ever, least of all our good friend!) and had to show Lai her treasured picture albums. Lai was an interested audience, but sweet Havilah couldn't wait any longer to sleep!
Aunt Lucinda came by before work the next morning and brought gifts for the girls - to their great delight.
After many phone calls, Nathan was able to get a confirmed seat out for Lai and Havilah - back to the rest of their family. Though the plans were not ours, it was great for Grandma and Lai (and Havilah) to become friends.
Before we left for the airport and home, Lai and I managed to get a picture together - normally at least one of us is behind the camera. =)
What a trip - so many pictures and so many memories!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowed in - our lovely hotel abode in Philly

We did enjoy our little "forced vacation" at the Residence Inn. Lai and I took the girls for a swim in the indoor pool (after Abigail and I returned from play in the snow - what contrast!) Hannah and Abigail discovered this great hiding place in our suite - cute little prisoners, aren't they?
Finally, three clean tired girls in pajamas! Just wish we had Havilah's sister's Rose and Autumn (and daddy!) with us too!
Auntie Lai Lai and Hannah - see the snow drift against the window?
Our three little girls in front of the hotel Christmas tree. Who said anything about looking at the camera?
18 month old Havilah
Finally ready to brave the roads - though no flights yet, so we took Lai south with us to try another airport!

Abigail enjoying Philly Blizzard 12/09

We'd planned to leave Philadelphia the following day (Saturday, December 19th) after taking Lai and Havilah to meet their flight. However, during the night, Philly received 20 inches of snow. All flights were canceled and the roads impassable (since snow was still falling heavily). Thankfully, Nathan had won out over his frugal wife and chosen a very nice hotel suite for the six of us - we had two little bedrooms and a kitchen! We were grateful for our cozy little home (especially as we watched news reports of many people stranded in their cars). Of course, I had to take my little southern girl out to play in some real snow! Strange stuff - so cold and dry, we couldn't make a snowman or even snowballs. But lots of fun anyway!
And great for snow angels! Abigail had read about snow angels in a Little House book and was eager to try one. Of course, Mommy had to demonstrate first (oh, why didn't we bring snow clothes. . . surely we could've found room in the car) and the snow up my back and ankles was COLD. Abigail never noticed. =)

Does she look like she's having fun? Poor girl, I had to drag her in eventually. Thank you Lord, for the unplanned blessings of snow!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cherith's wedding!

We left Aunt B.A.'s after breakfast December 18 and headed towards Pennsylvannia - for Cherith's wedding that evening! Outside D.C., we stopped at IKEA (just the parking garage!) to meet my dear friend Lai (from California, but visiting another friend in Virginia) and her youngest daughter Havilah. After Nathan repacked the van (six people and three car seats plus lots of baby gear, snacks, coats, etc.!), we set off again. The trip got merrier - Nathan was patient with five chatty females as passengers!
Despite a time crunch and an unexpected detour, we arrived before the wedding began and were delighted to see Cherith briefly. What a story of God's gracious leading this beautiful bride has! She spent the previous year doing language work in Papua New Guinea and met her now husband providentially just before she left for PNG!
Precious friends - Lai, Cherith and I (Nathan too!) became close friends during college days. We loved, served and learned together through a neighborhood Bible club and small church and have rejoiced to witness each others marriages.
Newlyweds Cherith and Jason! They plan to return to PNG after Jason completes Bible translator school.
Little girls in plaid - Havilah (18 months) and Abigial (four) playing during pictures
So tired Havilah relaxing with Uncle Nathan.
Our girls were troopers through the evening wedding (even after a LONG day of travel) and the lovely reception. We were among the first to leave around ten. (A most delightful day for my 30th! Couldn't have planned a better party. =)

Heading north - family in Virginia

December 17th we packed up and set off for a long weekend "northern" road trip including family visits in Virginia and the wedding of dear friend in Pennsylvania. That evening, Aunt Faye prepared a delicious meal and we enjoyed dinner with her and Uncle Chuck and Aunt Beverley Ann, Uncle David, and Emmalee too! The girls enjoyed lots of spoiling and gifts. What a special Christmas visit with my Dad's family! That night we stayed with Aunt B.A. and the next morning she surprised me with candles in a pecan ring - a fun start to a memorable 30th birthday!

Aunt Faye, Emmy & Aunt B.A. serving up pumpkin dump cake!
Abigail and Emmy
Hannah was captivated by those Christmas light earrings!
Getting reacquainted with "Unka Chuk"
Present from Aunt B.A.
In case you noticed the butterfly bandage and are wondering. . . A couple of nights before we left, Nathan and I heard a bang from Abigail's room just before midnight. She'd fallen out of bed (onto our lovely "new" hardwood floors) and split her chin. Ouch!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Abigail's fourth birthday!

This birthday was much anticipated and much enjoyed! GramMee came on Abigail's birthday and took her out for lunch at Chick-Fil-A (Mommy was babysitting and so stayed home with the two littler girls). Can lunch get yummier than chocolate milk, french fries and chicken nuggets. . . oh, and chocolate milk?!?
GramMee also got her eldest granddaughter a fun pink ICE CREAM cake!
For the last year or so, Abigail has loved "dressing up," using anything she could find. Most of the time, she was a princess (surprise, surprise) or a bride (result of watching her grandparents' wedding video so many times!). So we decided to give her some "real" dress up clothes. Her wardrobe now includes a (generic) princess dress, a fireman's coat and hat (variety, please!), pink nurses scrubs and GramMee made a size four "wedding" dress. Daddy was the bride-doctor's first patient.
Ever seen a firefighter with ringlets?
Favorite picture of the evening. . . photography lessons with Uncle Caleb!
Hannah played peek-a-boo with Uncle Caleb. We love how she "covers" her eyes!
Babies at the party - love those cousins!
Abigail had long wanted her own umbrella and Aunt Lydia and Uncle Tom gave her a fun one! Think she looks pleased?

Happy birthday, our sweet, exuberant Abigail! How we thank God for blessing us with you four years ago! May you grow to love Him more and more!