Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heading north - family in Virginia

December 17th we packed up and set off for a long weekend "northern" road trip including family visits in Virginia and the wedding of dear friend in Pennsylvania. That evening, Aunt Faye prepared a delicious meal and we enjoyed dinner with her and Uncle Chuck and Aunt Beverley Ann, Uncle David, and Emmalee too! The girls enjoyed lots of spoiling and gifts. What a special Christmas visit with my Dad's family! That night we stayed with Aunt B.A. and the next morning she surprised me with candles in a pecan ring - a fun start to a memorable 30th birthday!

Aunt Faye, Emmy & Aunt B.A. serving up pumpkin dump cake!
Abigail and Emmy
Hannah was captivated by those Christmas light earrings!
Getting reacquainted with "Unka Chuk"
Present from Aunt B.A.
In case you noticed the butterfly bandage and are wondering. . . A couple of nights before we left, Nathan and I heard a bang from Abigail's room just before midnight. She'd fallen out of bed (onto our lovely "new" hardwood floors) and split her chin. Ouch!

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Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Hey, Julia,
I enjoyed catching up on your life via your blog! The girls are so adorable and growing so fast.
Can't believe you are 30 !!!
I'm 30 years older than you...yikes!!
Love ya,