Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally south - at Grandma's (12/20-21)

God granted us safe travel down to Grandma's and we arrived in time for supper Sunday evening. So glad to see her, though our visit would be short due to snow delays.
Uncle Tom, Aunt Janet and Landry squeezed in a quick visit after their church service that night
Abigail loves her Great Uncle Tom like I always did - he hasn't changed!
Grandma welcomed Lai (no strangers ever, least of all our good friend!) and had to show Lai her treasured picture albums. Lai was an interested audience, but sweet Havilah couldn't wait any longer to sleep!
Aunt Lucinda came by before work the next morning and brought gifts for the girls - to their great delight.
After many phone calls, Nathan was able to get a confirmed seat out for Lai and Havilah - back to the rest of their family. Though the plans were not ours, it was great for Grandma and Lai (and Havilah) to become friends.
Before we left for the airport and home, Lai and I managed to get a picture together - normally at least one of us is behind the camera. =)
What a trip - so many pictures and so many memories!

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