Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cherith's wedding!

We left Aunt B.A.'s after breakfast December 18 and headed towards Pennsylvannia - for Cherith's wedding that evening! Outside D.C., we stopped at IKEA (just the parking garage!) to meet my dear friend Lai (from California, but visiting another friend in Virginia) and her youngest daughter Havilah. After Nathan repacked the van (six people and three car seats plus lots of baby gear, snacks, coats, etc.!), we set off again. The trip got merrier - Nathan was patient with five chatty females as passengers!
Despite a time crunch and an unexpected detour, we arrived before the wedding began and were delighted to see Cherith briefly. What a story of God's gracious leading this beautiful bride has! She spent the previous year doing language work in Papua New Guinea and met her now husband providentially just before she left for PNG!
Precious friends - Lai, Cherith and I (Nathan too!) became close friends during college days. We loved, served and learned together through a neighborhood Bible club and small church and have rejoiced to witness each others marriages.
Newlyweds Cherith and Jason! They plan to return to PNG after Jason completes Bible translator school.
Little girls in plaid - Havilah (18 months) and Abigial (four) playing during pictures
So tired Havilah relaxing with Uncle Nathan.
Our girls were troopers through the evening wedding (even after a LONG day of travel) and the lovely reception. We were among the first to leave around ten. (A most delightful day for my 30th! Couldn't have planned a better party. =)

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