Saturday, August 23, 2008

Callaway beach and family in Georgia

Between childcare days and non-negotiable work obligations, Nathan took a couple of vacation days and we made a midweek two-day trip to Georgia. Nathan joined Dad Garner and bro-in-law Stephen in recovering bus seats (a huge and very hot summer tradition) and we enjoyed some family time. Stephen had brought Lane and Patrick with him and so the three cousins had lots of fun together - especially the morning we went to Callaway Gardens beach with Mom Garner. All the pictures are fun, but I must admit, my personal favorite (it always makes me laugh!) is "Flexing with Granddaddy."

And more fun with friends

The week after Lydia and Tom's daughters were born (see "Tiny new nieces" below!) included more special visits with friends. College/extension friend Cathy and her family had supper with us one evening and we learned more about the aviation ministry their family is headed toward in the Philippines. Our children wasted little time in becoming buddies. Abigail's good friends Emmalein and "Baby Celia" also spent a fun morning with us.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun with friends in early June

Our little inflatable pool provided lots of fun on sunny summer days! One morning, Abigail, David and I met "Tante Erikala" (Abigail's name for her!) and Emmalein and Celia at the park, only to discover it was too hot for comfort. So, we went back to the house for "swimming" and a picnic. The next day, our long-time friend Cherith came through while on deputation travels. She's on her way to Papua New Guinea to do Bible translating work!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Daniel & Jennifer's wedding 5/31/08

The last weekend in May, Julia's brother Daniel (Mee) married Jennifer. . . making our blended family one member larger. =)

Bible verses in May

Abigail was actually "reading" these verses from her New Testament (Psalm 34:8 and Psalm 23 in two segments) to her teddy bears and I grabbed the camera. She was distracted at times (Be quiet...!) because her friend David was with us for the day.