Monday, July 16, 2007

Abigail's 19th month update

Dear family and friends,

Welcome to our new blog! Here’s an overview of Abigail's development the past few months.

April: Nods “yes” (after months of shaking head “no,” takes great concentration and is very comical); makes the sounds of ducks, dogs, horses, and pigs; able to eat cereal and milk with a spoon

May: Can identify many body parts (hers, then Daddy’s, then Mommy’s); flies to Orlando and starts making (her own) airplane sound (ddjjjj…); loves brushing her own teeth (and begs to use Mommy’s makeup)

June: Tries to repeat words- says mommy, juice, cheese, yes, meow, bow and bubble; attempts to climb on everything and thinks she’s big enough to walk the stairs; makes us laugh by hunting for her belly button

July: Enjoys spending four days with buddies Rose Marie (2 1/2) and Autumn (8 months); learns new words every day

Abigail's travels over the past three months include trips to: Tennessee (GramMee, Grandpa Mee and family), Florida (two day vacation at Sea World), Virginia (last visits with Great-grandmother Patteson “Mimi”, cousin Jessica’s bridal shower, Mimi’s memorial service and time with family), Kentucky (new state - visiting Mommy’s friend Rachel), Georgia (Grandddaddy and Grandmama Garner), and California (friends Lai, Brian, Rose and Autumn Swillum). Later this month we plan to help celebrate Abigail’s Great-granddad and Great-grandma Johnson’s 60th wedding anniversary.

We'll try to keep this page current. Check back whenever you like. In the meantime, we'd love to hear from you!

Nathan, Julia, and Abigail

Psalm 73:26

California - July 4-9, 2007