Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick visit from Mom and Karen

We enjoyed having Mom and Karen (Julia's ten year old sister/Abigail's playmate aunt!) for an overnight towards the end of June. Mom and Dad had just returned from visiting Luke and Charlotte in Texas and Mom had met up with Lydia and Tom one day. . . and brought lots of baby things back from Bella and Lydee for Hannah. Abigail was delighted to have the "jumparoo" for Hannah to try (wanted to "help" her bounce). The girls and GramMee loved being together. =)

Teeth and toes

Hannah cut BOTH lower centrals June 22! All that gnawing was not in vain. And around the same time, she found her toes. Great to have something handy to wrap your fingers around!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Father's Day

Nathan worked first shift operations at the airport on Father's Day (getting up at 4:30 a.m. is a rough start to a day!) and we were excited to welcome him home that afternoon. (He was happy to get a nap on the couch while the girls finished their nap/rest time.) Abigail helped shop for Daddy's gifts this year and actually kept them a secret! So grateful for a husband/father who loves God and loves his family!

Ice cream and hayrides!

June 19 we made a spur-of-the-moment (the most fun kind, and a rare treat when Daddy's in school!) run to a neighborhood ice cream parlor with our wonderful next door neighbors. Abigail and Sam kept us laughing and had a blast together. Abigail says she and Sam are "kid married" and prays for her "husband Sam" and their many kids - her dolls - every day. She's quite serious, but it's hard for us to be! In any case, we're a bit sad that Sam and his family just got a contract on their condo and will be moving to a "real house" one day soon. Happy for them though!
And the next day was our church picnic - complete with face paint(Abigail's first such experience), hay rides and great friends from the Heritage family!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life in June

Random fun pictures from the month! We got the girls matching turquoise shirts on clearance at The Children's Place and Abigail was ecstatic to wear them together. Abigail feels very grown-up to have "jobs" of her own to do each day: one of these is unloading the silverware basket from the dishwasher. Hannah really enjoys her play mat (thank you cousins Bella and Lydee!). It's great for exercising and as launching pad for blowing raspberries in the face of whoever's paying attention to her. =) One evening we got some fun pictures of sister time - with Hannah in her very silly green ladybug pajamas. Think the girls like each other? Bathtime is lots of fun these days - Hannah is facinated by the water and Abigail still loves bathing her baby dolls at the same time. And our baby "house finches" grew up! The first picture is of one at nine days old. A week later, I stepped out the front door and looked up to see a baby bird perched on the edge of the basket and was a little concerned about his falling out. Three minutes later, as I was buckling the girls into their carseats, Nathan watched another baby bird fly out of the nest with its parents close behind. Very shortly afterwards, it was an empty nest (excepting one egg which never hatched and caused Abigail great concern).

Hannah often sits in her Bumbo seat on the table when we eat dinner. Mostly, she watches and laughs at Abigail. But whenever she notices Nathan or me lift our glass for a drink of water she gets very excited and holds out both arms and tenses her legs waiting for one of us to share a sip with her. It’s quite funny.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raspberries, baby birds and Uncle Caleb =)

How's that for a combination?! Well, I'm a month behind on pictures and all three were exciting parts of the same week. =)
Hannah perfected a new skill early in June. She can blow some very wet and quite noisy raspberries when she's happy. We can't help laughing, so she laughs and does it some more.And our baby birds hatched June 6 (five laid between May 21 and May 25)! Here they are newly "born" and then five days later.

Uncle Caleb spent the evening of June 11 with us to the great delight of our eldest. He and Hannah are getting to be buddies now too. And all three enjoyed a game of hide and seek (quite amusing - since Abigail usually gives away her location and since there aren't many places for a 6'2" uncle to hide in the two rooms on the lower floor of our condo. =)