Sunday, July 5, 2009

Raspberries, baby birds and Uncle Caleb =)

How's that for a combination?! Well, I'm a month behind on pictures and all three were exciting parts of the same week. =)
Hannah perfected a new skill early in June. She can blow some very wet and quite noisy raspberries when she's happy. We can't help laughing, so she laughs and does it some more.And our baby birds hatched June 6 (five laid between May 21 and May 25)! Here they are newly "born" and then five days later.

Uncle Caleb spent the evening of June 11 with us to the great delight of our eldest. He and Hannah are getting to be buddies now too. And all three enjoyed a game of hide and seek (quite amusing - since Abigail usually gives away her location and since there aren't many places for a 6'2" uncle to hide in the two rooms on the lower floor of our condo. =)

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