Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life in June

Random fun pictures from the month! We got the girls matching turquoise shirts on clearance at The Children's Place and Abigail was ecstatic to wear them together. Abigail feels very grown-up to have "jobs" of her own to do each day: one of these is unloading the silverware basket from the dishwasher. Hannah really enjoys her play mat (thank you cousins Bella and Lydee!). It's great for exercising and as launching pad for blowing raspberries in the face of whoever's paying attention to her. =) One evening we got some fun pictures of sister time - with Hannah in her very silly green ladybug pajamas. Think the girls like each other? Bathtime is lots of fun these days - Hannah is facinated by the water and Abigail still loves bathing her baby dolls at the same time. And our baby "house finches" grew up! The first picture is of one at nine days old. A week later, I stepped out the front door and looked up to see a baby bird perched on the edge of the basket and was a little concerned about his falling out. Three minutes later, as I was buckling the girls into their carseats, Nathan watched another baby bird fly out of the nest with its parents close behind. Very shortly afterwards, it was an empty nest (excepting one egg which never hatched and caused Abigail great concern).

Hannah often sits in her Bumbo seat on the table when we eat dinner. Mostly, she watches and laughs at Abigail. But whenever she notices Nathan or me lift our glass for a drink of water she gets very excited and holds out both arms and tenses her legs waiting for one of us to share a sip with her. It’s quite funny.

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Brian and Lai said...

So so so so so sweet! I can't believe we're going to see all of you in just a few weeks! I love Abigail's giggle in the video. And that's fascinating about the birds! Thank you for your love for your family. You shine! Love, Lai