Thursday, May 15, 2008

Days in our lives (April 8-24)

Early in the month, Abigail and Julia undertook a long-awaited project - painting the master bedroom! We had fun and the room looks much better (and more colorful!). Abigail was thrilled to try her hand at painting, but found the roller a bit heavy. She and her friend Emmalein enjoyed several visits and pretended to nap together. . . they're both growing up so fast. Another night I found her bouncing on Daddy's shoulders when he was "tucking her in" for the night. And one morning, she'd moved too much in her sleep and was hanging off the end of her bed! We had a surprise visit from former neighbors and couldn't believe how much Stephon, Gretchen, Lindsey and Timaria had grown. One Sunday night while Mommy was getting supper, Abigail called to us, "I'm having a baby in my tummy" and we saw that she'd discovered a new trick with her ball - and was very proud of herself! One full morning, Mommy and Abigail took friend Ree and baby Desmirion shopping for setting up housekeeping. Later that day, Uncle Cablet, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Charlotte joined us for a local "siblings supper." =)

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Brian and Lai Swillum said...

Rose Marie and I thoroughly enjoyed your update, Julia!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Makes me want to work on ours! I must say that I enjoyed Abigail painting - her facial expressions are classic, and I enjoyed seeing a bit of all you've been doing, but my favorite was of Abigail and Emmalein together in their matching pink shirts! So precious and sweet! Love you.