Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Buying, selling, and moving (but not far)

Real time update: I'd love to fix the pictures that aren't showing up (thought it seemed so easy loading them through Picasa, but I must've done something wrong), but now's not the time. Last week we got an offer on our condo (for sale since August) which became a contract Saturday. We move out next month! So, we've been busily searching for our new home. The search had been somewhat discouraging until late yesterday afternoon when we found, saw, and put an offer on an older brick ranch on a nice yard (a place for children to play!) in a good location! Negotiating now. And lots of other stuff going on too - radon monitor placed and termite inspection here today (while babysitting =). Lots more to happen at both homes! We're excited to see what the Lord has for us and grateful to trust His sovereign care for His children!

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Susan B said...

So glad to hear that! Praying that all goes well with the negotiations.