Monday, February 15, 2010

Early December glimpses

Breakfast in bed? For several weeks, Abigail enjoyed going into Hannah's room before me when Hannah woke up and climbing into her crib. One morning the happy noises were due in part to the cereal Abigail sneaked in. December 2nd, we had our first big rain and decided that "drainage" should be added to our house-to-do-list. While I was out taking pictures to send Nathan at work, someone else was spying on me!Nothing like jumping in with both feet! We had our first overnight guests the second week of December. Seven of the eight H's stayed with us at some point during the week and Grace stayed the whole week to help me with moving in projects. She was almost 16 and Abigail loved having a teenage friend! (Interestingly, Grace is a triplet and I helped her mom when she had four very small children some 15 years ago.)

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