Monday, February 15, 2010

Hannah ten months old - late November

Just back from Thanksgiving and enjoying life amidst the boxes - been in our new home less than a week!
Ladies from the Nazarene church (which hosts Special Link - our original adoption agency) knitted caps for the "Special Link babies" born in 2009. Hannah loves hers and enjoyed our little photo shoot. She pulled the hat off and kept trying to put in back on herself.
Our new backyard looks like fun - just need some warmer weather and less rain so Mommy will take me out!
"Hey, Mommy - I'm just getting a little snack!"
These girls do love each other! Hannah can clap by herself, but it's more fun with Sissy's hands too!"
Quick Hannah update: She loves to clap and to play peek-a-boo (actually gets at least one of her hands over her eyes fairly often now - too cute!). She pulls up on everything (the computer desk right now - trying to reach the keyboard to help me type =) and just learned to walk behind the push walker. She enjoys dropping things so she can say "uh-oh" and recently learned to say "Mama" (after two months saying Da-da).

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