Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Abigail enjoying Philly Blizzard 12/09

We'd planned to leave Philadelphia the following day (Saturday, December 19th) after taking Lai and Havilah to meet their flight. However, during the night, Philly received 20 inches of snow. All flights were canceled and the roads impassable (since snow was still falling heavily). Thankfully, Nathan had won out over his frugal wife and chosen a very nice hotel suite for the six of us - we had two little bedrooms and a kitchen! We were grateful for our cozy little home (especially as we watched news reports of many people stranded in their cars). Of course, I had to take my little southern girl out to play in some real snow! Strange stuff - so cold and dry, we couldn't make a snowman or even snowballs. But lots of fun anyway!
And great for snow angels! Abigail had read about snow angels in a Little House book and was eager to try one. Of course, Mommy had to demonstrate first (oh, why didn't we bring snow clothes. . . surely we could've found room in the car) and the snow up my back and ankles was COLD. Abigail never noticed. =)

Does she look like she's having fun? Poor girl, I had to drag her in eventually. Thank you Lord, for the unplanned blessings of snow!


Erika said...

so fun to see the pictures after hearing your stories from this weekend!

Pastor and Judy Brodie said...

Julia, do remember when we were staying with you guys because your Mom was in Nepal (I think)? We woke up to tons of snow on a Sunday morning...Yikes :) Also, once when my husband and I were traveling to FL to see his parents we got caught in an oncoming snow storm which we had no idea was coming. We wondered why the highway in Charlotte was just like a ghost town. God gave us a hotel to stay in and even had a restaurant so we could just enjoy watching the snow come down. Both stories have been told numerous times.:) Amazing how the Lord carves out those unexpected blessings of His love to His children! Love, Judy PS Enjoyed your pictures!!