Thursday, February 19, 2009

Words of wisdom

Being a helpful big sister, Abigail decided to share some of her great wisdom with her new baby sister. Hannah didn't always enjoy our road trips between points in Alabama. One day (Sunday or Monday) she was protesting confinement in her car seat and Abigail did all she could to console her - assurances that she was okay, shushing, asking Mommy to try the pacifier again, and singing Jesus Loves Me at the top of her lungs. All to no avail. Finally, she delivered the ultimatum. We heard, "Now Hannah, you have two choices. You can be quiet. . . and Jesus Loves You" (not delivered as a choice at all). Guess she's been listening. Sort of.


bing said...

Funny to see a glimpse into how the little ones perceive what they are told. Priceless. Thanks for sharing.

Brian and Lai said...

That's hilarious! And sweet! Wish I could've heard Abigail actually say that! YOU HAVE TWO GIRLS!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!! The LORD is so good. Love to all!