Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hannah's "Gotcha Day"

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week - life has been busy! We were happy to return home last Friday (after waiting a week in Alabama for interstate paperwork clearances). The next day we welcomed family (Julia's side hadn't met Hannah yet!) and Sunday we celebrated Charlotte's 23rd birthday. And then the first couple of days of adjustment (and mountains of laundry!) with Nathan back at work. . . I'll try to catch up. We do have LOTS of pictures from the past ten days. =)
Let's back up. . . to Hannah's Gotcha Day. Though we had no idea until a few days before, our loving Father has always known he would add sweet Hannah to our family on February 7, 2009! After Hannah's two days in the hospital following birth, she spent a week with a private foster family in Alabama waiting for her "forever family." (Alabama has a five day period where the birthmother can change her mind following signing consents and so Angel Adoptions doesn't place babies with adoptive families until that time has expired.)
Saturday morning a week and a half ago we left our Alabama hotel very eagerly and drove to the Bartletts' home to meet and receive Hannah. Guess I told that story below. . . So, here are the pictures!


Five Freddys said...

Such sweet sisters! So glad to find your blog and see your growing family :)

Brian and Lai said...

How can I help but have tears in my eyes?! It's all just so lovely -the Lord bringing this to pass; the Lord adopting us. Sooooo HAPPY for you and THANK YOU for the pictures! Hooray! I love the picture of just Daddy Nathan and Hannah and your smile couldn't be sweeter, Julia, in your family of four picture. Love you and can't WAIT to see you!!!!!!!!!

Connie said...

OH how Precious!!!!! I wish I had gotten down to see you befor you had to go home. I have always said that Nathan was a very special young man! I always knew that God would richly bless him and he did by first sending hime Julia, then Abigail and down Hannah!! Julia you are very special too!! The love that you too have for the Lord just shines in your faces and in your lifes!! That kind of love comes only from our Lord!!! Hannah is one very blessed child! God has given her a very special family!!!!!

We love you!
Aunt Connie

Bonnie said...

I love your photos. I love your precious family and delight to see the way you are growing in the Lord. Hannah is such a sweet little addition to your family - our family. I can't wait to spend more time with her and to watch her grow and learn to love and serve God.