Monday, February 2, 2009

Special package

A little friend stayed with us the week of January 18. Liviya's parents were in Florida for her daddy to speak at Clearwater and Abigail, especially, was delighted to have another child here full-time!
On Monday, a giant package arrived from California and Abigail got to open her special birthday present from Auntie Lai Lai, Uncle Brian, Rose Marie, Autumn and Havilah. . . with Liviya's help of course. =) Finding a new baby doll inside thrilled Abigail more than anything else she could could have discovered (except maybe a real baby). After a day or so, she decided to name her new baby "Rosie." Thank you, friends! Abigail's little "family" is growing and keeps her busy. =)

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Brian and Lai said...

Julia, that was so sweet of you to post the pictures so we could see! Abiail is soooo cute! And we miss her! Well, of course, all of you! Thank you for doing this. I'll have to show the rest of the family. Rose Marie and I think it is so funny that she named her doll Rosie Rose. I wish you could have seen Rose Marie's face when I first told her. And I always enjoy your other pictures and posts. I've loved to see the twins! They've grown so much! Wouldn't it be fun if they ever got to meet Havilah?!? Love you guys! Lai