Thursday, May 14, 2009

Special visitors

May 7 "Miss Carolyn" came for lunch. She and her husband Mack are good friends of ours from Maranatha (the small church we were part of for five years). It was fun to catch up on God's working in our families and for this sweet Grandma (several of her granddaughters used to be in my Sunday school class) to get to know my girlies.
And the next afternoon, my Aunt Beverley Anne (Dad's sister), Uncle David, and Emmy stopped for a visit (their first to our home!) on their way to Alex's graduation. What a special treat to have them here, even if only for an hour. Aunt BA was the first of my aunts to meet Hannah. (We're eager to travel to Virginia. . . but Nathan's got to get through this MBA independent study first!)
Umm. And Ian. Abigail posed one of her dolls and "borrowed" my camera so she could take Ian's portrait. I found 8-9 shots of him on the camera. =)

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Erika said...

Could only see two of the pics (but I think I might be on to a possible fix!!!), but I had to comment on Ian's pics--Abigail is quite the little mommy!!! And has always been a decent photographer!!