Monday, May 18, 2009

May 9-10 with the Garners in Georgia

Mom and Dad Garner held supper for us Saturday evening and we enjoyed grilled burgers with them and Grandmother Lane that night. The next morning, we went to church together (Dad Garner is the pastor) and then over to Aunt Connie's for Mother's Day lunch with Grandmother Garner and the rest of the family. We were a house full! After lots of eating, catching up, and taking pictures (that would be me), we headed back to Mom and Dad's to pack up and drive to Alabama. . . for a very important event the next morning.

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Erika said...

Is Hannah still small enough to fit in that striped sleeper? Or is that a different one than the little one from the Swillums? She's growing up so fast in her expressions and all, that's for sure!!