Monday, April 27, 2009

Three grandmas and Granddaddy too!

April 6 was a special day indeed. Mom and Dad Garner and Grandmother Garner and Grandmother Lane were vacationing a couple of hours away (current weather conditions changed their plans/location) and came to visit us for the day! How often do two little girls have grandparents and two great grandmothers in their home spoiling them at once? Nathan took the day off and we all loved the time together. Near the top of the memories sits Granddaddy reading his version of "The Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane" to his "Kentucky granddaughter." The many edits included "tobacc-y seeds" in place of acorns -- to Abigail's (innocent) amusement. You never know what to expect from a preacher granddaddy! =)

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