Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday afternoon with Jennie Lue

For the last nine (!?!) years, Nathan and I have spent Sunday afternoons with Jennie Lue. It started as a several college students visiting her in her home and as we graduated, got married, had children, and she aged (now 82), the lunches moved to our homes. Then the other couples moved away, so it's just Jennie Lue and the Garners now! Abigail makes two associations with Sundays - church and Jennie Lue. How we pray that our dear friend's heart will soon be enlightened by the grace of our Savior!
Jennie Lue loves our girls and Abigail loves her (Hannah will, I'm sure!). It's an interesting relationship because Jennie Lue is deaf, but that doesn't slow Abigail's chatter to her in the least. On this particular afternoon, Abigail was convinced that Jennie Lue would enjoy a rousing game of Hi Ho Cherry-O.

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Brian and Lai said...

You guys are so faithful and great. Rewards in heaven. Thanks for carrying on! And that's the dress I have for 3-6 months for Hannah if you want it!!!!