Friday, March 6, 2009

Hannah's first bath

On 2/17, Hannah's umbilical site was finally healed well enough. . . and she got to take her first tub bath. She'd been protesting sponge baths as torture sessions and was actually quite content in the warm water. Still not too happy about the lotion rub afterwards though. =) I love the towel picture - Isn't she beautiful? And big sister was busy washing her baby too - with great delight. (Funny - I actually remember doing the same thing at the counter while my mom washed my baby brother some 27 years ago!)

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Connie said...

Yes they are both VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!
God has blessed all of you very much! You and Nathan by giving you to very beautiful daughters; Abigail and Hannah by giving them to very special parents!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!