Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in Georgia and Alabama

Granddaddy Lane left earth February 24 and we headed back to Georgia and Alabama that weekend for the visitation and funeral. We are grateful that we'd been able to visit with him in January and then that Nathan got to see him again while we were in Alabama for Hannah's adoption. And we are more grateful that our hope is in not in this life, but in Jesus, the source of true life!
While "down south," we enjoyed time with Nathan's parents, Grandmother Lane and other family members. Many of them were delighted to meet Hannah for the first time (or to see her a second time). Mommy thought she'd never get a turn holding her baby!
After the meal for family following the funeral on Saturday, Nathan and Abigail skipped acorns into a new pond on the church property (lots of new bodies of water after four days of pouring rain) while Julia fed Hannah. The afternoon was beautiful, fresh, windy and soggy. =)
During the night, the one afternoon's reprieve from rain gave way to a Sunday snow storm! But snow doesn't stick in Georgia - especially on wet ground when it was 65 degrees the day before. Wrong. After four hours of heavy snowfall, even the ground and roads were covered and it kept coming. We were snowed in. . . in Georgia (no snow removal equipment there, plus the slush underneath had turned to ice!) with a good six inches on the ground! So, we built our snowman of the winter and had a quiet day with family. By late morning on Monday, the then ice had melted enough for us to return home.

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