Friday, January 2, 2009

Our little girl's three!

This was one greatly anticipated birthday! We celebrated the night before and Uncle Caleb joined us. . . and if Uncle Caleb comes, it's definitely a party in Abigail's mind. =) Afterwards, I recorded a few laughable moments.

Before we ate the birthday supper, Uncle Caleb was asking Abigail what her presents might be. “What do you think I got you?” he teased. She finally replied, “Did you got me a debit card?!”

Abigail was very happy to open her gift from GramMee and Grandpa – a new baby doll complete with a diaper, pajamas, a teddy and a book. She was mothering her new little baby very sweetly and asked Uncle Caleb if he’d like to hold her. Like a good uncle, he said he would. So, Abigail replies, “Can you sit on the couch and I’ll give her to you, ‘cause children need to sit on the couch to hold babies.” Yes, Mommy.

Playing her new game “Hi-Ho Cherry-O,” when she finally got all her fruit into her basket, she happily announced “Hello Cheerio!”

And as I just left Nathan tucking Abigail in for the night, she was bouncing on her bed exclaiming,

“Yay! I get to be three in the mor-ning! I get to be three in the mor-ning!”

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danandkeren said...

Julia, these were wonderful! I love reading "Abigail-isms." :) I especially liked the "debit card."