Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Local visits the next week

We were delighted to have family come to town over the next few days! Jon and Ellen drove through with Stephen on their way back to Florida and Mom and Dad Mee made their trip back in a hurry so we could all have lunch together at a local deli. Aunt Ellen and Abigail happily shared winking contests and ice cream cones and kept us laughing. Stephen was headed for a brief visit at Jon & Ellen's before returning to Wisconsin for the spring semester of college - we don't get to see him often!
And the next morning, Tom and Lydia and Gabriel, Lydee and Bella drove in for the day. This was actually the girls' first visit to our condo! I was also keeping one little girl that day, so we had a full house. . . at least hopping with five little ones present. =)

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