Wednesday, December 10, 2008

September zoo trips

September is a great time to visit the zoo. . . and we did twice! The first was with our friends Ree and Calvin and their little boy Desmirion (his first trip to the zoo!). A week or so later, we were back with some friends from church. Abigail loved sharing the adventures with some of her favorite playmates. . . as you can tell from the pictures. The non-zoo pictures include: a fun visit with our friends Keren and Hana Kate (the girls are not so close in age, but they love each other and share an exuberant personality), a mid-dollhouse-play picture with Daddy (now that's a clue to a great daddy!), and some happy pictures with the children we've kept while their mommies were working part-time, and a final one at Desmirion's first birthday party.

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Elise said...

My kids too love to go for family trip to the zoo.