Friday, December 19, 2008

The rest of October

At the middle of the month, we celebrated Jennie Lue's 82nd birthday with Ree and Calvin and Desmirion. Jennie Lue's birthday last year was the first birthday to make a significant impression on Abigail, who was just learning to speak. And it did! For weeks, every time anyone mentioned the word "birthday" or Abigail saw a cake or balloons, she would exclaim, "Happy dirthday, Jinnie Lue!"
A few days later we enjoyed a trip to our favorite park. . . with Daddy! Wow did that ever fuel our little girl's excitement. She had so much fun sharing all of her favorite activities with Daddy and I think he enjoyed it too. =)
The next several pictures show Abigail with the friends "we" were babysitting. . . she sure does enjoy Mommy's current job! One evening we had a fun ice cream date with more friends.
The last weekend of the month, Abigail was invited to a birthday party where the children were encouraged to dress up as animals. She knew right away that she wanted to be a kitty. So, we bought two sheets of felt and a package of pipe cleaners at Walmart and enlisted the help of our scissors, some rubberbands and hot glue. . . and were happy with the result.

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