Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Reason for absence and the absence of pictures

A few weeks ago, our computer "crashed." The good news is that it is up and running again (after a lot of work which included a total format). The bad news is that the back-up didn't work and we lost everything on it.
So. . . It shouldn't take me as long as I'd thought to catch up on posting pictures. . . since we don't have any. Actually, I'm working on pulling and saving pictures from old e-mails and photo sites and anywhere else we stashed some.
Hope to be back soon with highlights on the rest of the summer!


Jude and Kate's Mom said...


I found your blog because my name is also Julia Garner. I couldn't believe when I found your site how similar it is to mine. Our blog is "The Garner Fam" and we have a son that is about the same age, I believe, as your daughter (2-1/2--his name is Jude). We also have a baby girl (Kate) that is 8 months old. We are Christians as well who enjoy much of the same literature and hymns that you enjoy. We living in Pennsylvania. I just had to comment because I thought it all was interesting that we would share the same name and be so similar in so many ways. My husband's name is Dan though. :)

Have a wonderful day today!
Julia Garner :)

The Garner family said...

Julia (Mrs. Dan),

Thanks for your note. Pretty amazing! I was interested to visit your blog, but found that it's "open to invited guests only."

Julia (Mrs. Nathan)