Wednesday, October 22, 2008

California 2008

Second annual trip? We're grateful the Lord worked it out again for us to visit our good friends in California. . .this trip was first considered when Nathan found out he'd be attending a conference in San Diego. The timing was a little tight between other plans, but the scramble was worthwhile. =)
So, we arrived in CA Wednesday July 30 and spent a day together as a family. . . visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and Underwood Family Farms (working farm and petting zoo). Thursday evening we arrived at the Swillums - less than an hour after family members had departed. On Friday Brian and Lai took us (and all four little girls) to a favorite spot - Oxnard Beach and park. Our families had so much fun picnicking and playing in the sand and waves. Reminded us of adventures on this side of the country a few years ago. Saturday morning, some ladies from Grace Community Church gave a baby shower for little Havilah (7 weeks old) and Julia was delighted to be present with Lai for the rosebud covered event. That evening we had girl time while the Brian and Nathan went to Brian's Bible study up north aways. Sunday found us all at Grace for worship and then at Souplantation for lunch (we need those in the east!). After that, Nathan had to leave for San Diego. Abigail and Julia enjoyed a few more days with the Swillums. . . including a carousel ride, pictures, consignment shopping, lots of little girl play, long chats, and a zillion more pictures (Lai shared the pictures from her camera with me). We thank the Lord for our dear friends!
Early Thursday morning, Julia and Abigail were back at LAX for the flight home. . . gotta make the wedding rehearsal in TN the next day!

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