Friday, January 22, 2010

Our new home

Hmmm. A little while later. Can I just say the last two months have been full with the move, Thanksgiving, overnight guests, Abigail's birthday celebrations, a wedding in Pennsylvania combined with family visits in Virginia, Christmas and more travels, more guests, babysitting, teaching Sunday school. . . oh, and unpacking and the more urgent home renovations (all with the help of our busy little daughters!)?
School (the last semester before graduation!) has begun again for Nathan and we're starting to settle into a routine. . . and the new house. Still plenty of boxes and organization to go. Then down with the wallpaper and up with new paint. And pictures. Eventually, we'll have to replace the moss in the front yard with grass, but in the meantime, it's sort of green and holds the mud down. And we love our yard and the neighborhood and all the space in our "new old house." Do come visit. And excuse the mess. =)

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