Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grandparents (great-grandparents) on Nathan's side

Back to Georgia we went! The last trip was too short/full to visit with all of Nathan's grandparents (we did spend time with Grandmother Garner in June) who are spread out a bit. July 11, we headed further south and spent a few hours with Granddaddy Garner at the general aviation airport where he's the manager. Abigail loved the opportunity to experience small airplanes up close (on the ground for now). She even got to watch (and hear!) one plane "go faster and faster on the runway and then up, up, up into the sfky!" The second half of the day was with the Lane grandparents and we all enjoyed the renewing of relationships between those "great-grands." By nightfall, Abigail was playing games (with first aid tape and glasses) and having deep conversations and Granddaddy Lane and Grandmother Lane.

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