Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Easter and afterwards with Grandma Johnson

Easter was the day after Lydia's shower and Mom and Grandma Johnson got to come back with us for a couple of days. We celebrated Christ's Resurrection together and enjoyed several meals with Caleb. Tuesday Abigail and I rode in "GramMee's new red car with Great-grandma Johnson" to Knoxville and spent a couple of days with the Mees. Abigail loved seeing her aunt and uncles there and both places Abigail and Grandma Johnson enjoyed reading lots of books. The night before the generations were to head our separate ways, Dad Mee took some pictures of the four of us (yep, we looked tired =). It was special to have been able to spend four days together! Thursday we took Grandma to the airport for her flight back to VA and then Mom took us part way home and Nathan and Caleb met us. One little girl was overjoyed to be reunited with her daddy (her mommy was pretty happy too =).

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