Saturday, February 16, 2008

For six dollars!

This morning I (Julia) took part in a local (Sav-Mor on Wade Hampton across from K-Mart) sidewalk sale for the first time. And I got a LOT (maybe $75-$100 retail) of food for six dollars. Here's how it works: Everyone arrives before 9:00 and grabs one (or two or three or ten) banana boxes, lines up around the rows of food in the parking lot, and waits for the person in charge to yell "Go!" Then everyone (200 plus?) rushes in and starts filling his or her box. Yep, sounds like a game you played at camp! The food available comes from several area grocery stores (including at least one whole food/organic/health chain) and is comprised of scratch, dent, and past expiration date items (mostly dry goods). I got whole grain cereals, crackers, and granola bars, salad dressing, mustard, salsa, tahini, Manwich, fruit snacks (a.k.a. potty treats), salad Crispins, and more! Yep, everything in the picture. For six dollars. All you can fit in a banana box with the top level. (For potential shoppers: The sales seem to come about once a month and are posted on the marquee out front the previous week.)


Brian and Lai Swillum said...

Wow! What a special blessing from our Great Provider. So, I'm guessing that you didn't have Abigail with you?! Or maybe my brave friend, Julia did have her little toddler with her and she picked out some of the yummies?!

Nicole said...

Wow, Julia! That's an amazing blessing. I am not sure that you will remember me. You were my APC my freshman year at BJU. I stumbled across your blog through a friend of a friend's blog. I am so happy for your little familym and your sister, expecting twins. She will be quite busy. It is good to see that God is providing for y'all.


Nathan and Julia Garner said...

Nicole, of course I remember you (we shared a bunk bed for months, right?!). I've wondered about you many times. How are you? Wish I had a way to contact you! E-mail me, please!