Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bedtime stories

Abigail loves stalling bedtime. When we sit down to pray with her she starts distraction tactics. "Eye-bows. Da-da. Eye-bows. Mommy. Abi-ail." One evening (a month or more ago) as we finished praying she put her hands on the sides of Mommy's head and starting "helping" me nod up and down. While I was "nodding," Abigail started saying, "Yes. Yes. Tweat [treat]. Yes." Of course, we had to chuckle at her creativity. And, of course, this encouraged her to continue.

We have no idea where she got the idea, but Abigail loves to put socks on her hands at bedtime. Several mornings I found her with bare feet and socks on her hands and so Daddy often gives her an extra pair before he says goodnight. Abigail thinks it's very funny to wave "hi" with her mittened hands. Abigail told us she was "swimming" on the counter the night this picture was taken. Who knows the mind of a toddler?

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